Non-Profit Organizations

As a nonprofit, you deliver tremendous social value to the community every day. What if you could leverage technology to make your work even more efficient, effective, or far-reaching?

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Our Services

We currently support Web based and data science projects but we are open to other different types of projects. Historically, we’ve found that the impact we can make, the amount we can learn, and the time and effort needed to build these kinds of projects fit well with our constraints and goals.

Please keep in mind that because one of our core focuses is on software engineering and developer education, our offerings currently do not include:

  1. Basic website design and development. We do not build websites that are purely content-based, such as Wordpress blogs or landing pages.
  2. Technology integration or consulting. We do not set up or integrate existing solutions such as Salesforce or Drupal.

That said, if you’re looking for help with that sort of thing, we might be able to recommend some other tools or services that fit your needs. So feel free to reach out anyway!