Our Team

Students are a core part of what makes Hack4Impact. We have a dedicated, passionate, and intelligent group of students working on important social impact projects.

Smeet Patel
Chapter Director and Chapter Co-Founder
"We are a team of motivated and smart individuals who are all working towards this common mission of improving the world. It's been a pleasure seeing everyone grow and learn along the way."

Cici Chen
Chapter Co-Director
"I’m from Taiwan and I'm studying Computer Science and Neuroscience at Boston University. I aspire to build technology and utilize my knowledge in neurology for social good, giving back to our community and to those who are not as privileged as we are. I really enjoy the arts (and FOOD), including architecture, dance, and cheer."

Rishab Nayak
Technology Advisor

Keshav Maheshwari
Project Lead @ Agriworks
"Hey! I am an aspiring entrepreneur passionate about building projects that would improve our long-term chances of survival and make our future more exciting. I like reading fiction, solving difficult problems, and coding at Hackathons. Reach out to me if you're open to being roommates on Mars!!!"

Quang Nyugen
Project Lead @ Agriworks

Bjoern Hasemann
Software Engineer
"I'm a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I enjoy helping others and using technology to improve the world."

Maha Alrashed
Software Engineer

Gagandeep Kang
Software Engineer

Sheila Jimenez Morejon
Front End Lead @ Ameelio
"I was born and raised in Mexico City. I am a rising sophomore at BU, majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. My other interests include puns, running, martial arts and petting dogs."

Zhenghui Wang
Software Engineer
"I enjoy helping people! The potential of technology is seemingly limitless, and I am curious to how I can utilize what I’ve learned to benefit society as a whole"

Yunhan (Hannah) Huang
Back End Lead @ Ameelio
"I’m a junior studying Computer Science. I’m interested in software development and data science."

Guthrie Kuckes
Software Engineer

Khoa Tran
Software Engineer

Minh Trinh
Software Engineer

Shaivya Gupta
Software Engineer

Tin Nguyen
Software Engineer

Shreya Banga
Software Engineer

Conor Walsh
Software Engineer

Cody (Dakota) Clark-Singh
Software Engineer

Quan Pham
Software Engineer

Angelo Facciponti-Mennella
Software Engineer

John Bolognino
Software Engineer
“I am a freshman studying computer science. I am interested in leveraging machine learning to better humanity. I’d like to be a guiding force in AI’s development to empowering people rather than making them obsolete. Outside of CS I love musical theater, both watching and performing!”

Jianqi Ma (Pauli)
Software Engineer

Ning Wang
Software Engineer

Henry Kaufman
Design Lead @ Community Connect


Elizabeth Slade
Chapter Co-Founder
"Starting Hack4Impact has been my favorite part of college. I am passionate about using technology to improve the lives of others and it's been fun building a community around this mission."

Yaan (Dan) Tzi Kan
Project Manager @ Agriworks

Michael Hendrick
Technology Advisor

Manuja DeSilva
Lead Software Engineer